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Whitby Town Walking Tours

Take an App Tour of Whitby

We have partnered up with VoiceMap to offer GPS autoplay tours of Whitby.

This means you can enjoy a tour of Whitby with a local guide at any time of day and at your own pace. VoiceMap's technology means that its impossible to not keep up: the audio begins when you're in position.

Our first tour is now available to download and you can get the VoiceMap app for free. We have three new app tours coming over the next weeks that we're sure you will love.


Download VoiceMap for free: https://voicemap.me/


Essential Whitby: A Guide to the Town’s Legends, Treasures and Main Sites


Begins at Captain Cook Monument on Whitby's West Cliff.

Purchase and Download for £3.99.

The best way to discover Whitby with maximum social distancing.

On this tour, you'll hear about:

• Some of the greatest voyages of exploration of all time
• Why people once thought the town was infested with serpents
• How Whitby jet, a gemstone, inspired the novel Dracula
• An illiterate poet
• Why there’s a polar bear in the town centre
• Why the houses with the best views were some of the cheapest
• The Hand of Glory and where to find it


Essential Whitby: A Guide to the Historic East Side


Begins at Market Square outside the Abbey Wharf.

Whitby’s historic East Side has a close affinity with the sea and this tour provides an ideal introduction to local pastimes like fishing and rowing as well as the shipwrecks along our shore.

The best way to discover Whitby with maximum social distancing.

On this tour, you'll hear about:

• Whitby’s handcrafted Lucky Ducks
• Whitby's fishing heritage
• The legend of the Penny Hedge
• How Whitby might have inspired one of Charles Dickens' most well-known characters
• The German bombardment of the town in 1914
• J. M. W. Turner's roughest sketch
• The Whitby Wyrm
• How to spot vampire blood