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Art & Literature

Our Art & Literature tour focuses on four figures associated with Whitby: the poet Caedmon, photographer Frank Meadow Sutcliffe, artist George Weatherill and author Bram Stoker.

Your guide will have reproductions of Sutcliffe and Weatherill's works for you to view on location and you'll be told about how Whitby inspired Stoker's novel Dracula.

Art & Literature

Bram Stoker and Caedmon

Bram Stoker (1847-1912) will forever be associated with Whitby thanks to his novel Dracula. The Gothic tale is well-known but our tour will tell you what it was about Whitby that inspired Stoker. This is a fascinating mix that includes Whitby Abbey, the Synod of Whitby and even the town's jet industry.

Caedmon (c657-684) is the earliest known poet in the English language and his story is all the more amazing given his illiteracy. Caedmon's gift was developed by St Hilda, the first Abbess of Whitby Abbey and a patron saint of poetry and learning.

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