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Happy New Year - 2022


We are running private booked tours throughout the Winter and will resume daily tours in late May.


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Book the Whitby Highlights 90 minute private guided walk by emailing whitbytownwalkingtours@gmail.com. £19.50 per adult for the first two adults and £10 for each extra person. Discounts for large groups.

Whitby Town
Walking Tours

The idea behind Whitby Town Walking Tours was to tell the story of our town. The original plan was to craft a single tour capturing Whitby's rich history, geology and importance during the Age of Discovery. It soon became obvious that one tour could not do this justice and instead we decided to offer four unique tours. These are: Whitby & Whitby Abbey, Voyages of Discovery, Jurassic Coast and Art & Literature.

Each tour offers something for everyone and they are suitable for all ages. This isn't just a regurgitation of facts, but rather something to be enjoyed and hopefully returned to time and again.


Our Tours

Adventure Awaits

Image by Kirsten Drew
Image by Joanna Kosinska

Whitby and Whitby Abbey

Art and Literature

Voyages of Discovery

Jurassic Coast